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Raleigh Roofing and Restoration in Denver Colorado specializes in custom copper and custom sheet metal design. If you're looking for quick, cookie cutter work, this is not the place.
Our custom copper and custom sheet metal work is unsurpassed in Denver.


Custom Copper Flashing Design

We do custom flashing for your home which includes:
chimney crickets, valleys, j-pans/wall-flashing, pipe-jacks, headwall flashings, pockets, and siding.

This means we fabricate and install copper or galvanized metals to your home to prevent leaks between the roofing materials and the original structure of the home.

Most homes are built and require custom flashings unique to that structure.

Flat Roofs

Custom Copper Flat Roofs

Flat roofs need special attention because they drain very slowly and proper measures are needed for effective installation.

Copper flat roofs are most cost-effective when restoring tile roofs because copper flat roofs will last the 80-90 years a tile roof would last.

Down Spouts

Custom Copper Gutters and Down Spouts

We do both inlayed gutters as well as hanging gutters.
We fabricate our gutters from copper sheets and hand measure and bend the gutters to fit the original structure, needs, and look of the home.

Down spout and gutter sizes are an important part to proper roof drainage. Small gutter and downspouts on a larger roof cannot properly drain the water away from the foundation and can also cause the back-up of unwanted leaves, branches, and/or debris.

Raleigh Roofing & Restoration specializes in Historical Restoration and Preservation, Custom Copper and Sheet Metal, and Slate and Tile roofs. All custom copper gutters and flashing are hand measured and cut to fit your home. All photos within site are actual photos of our work. We hope you consider us for your next home improvement.

Lucas Raleigh | 2936 Vine Street, Denver, CO 80205 | ph: 303-591-7041 | email:
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