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Raleigh Roofing and Restoration provides slate, clay and concrete tile roofing options in the Denver Colorado area to protect your home with a visually, aesthetically pleasing design installation. Please call or email us today for your FREE estimate!

Miscellaneous slate

Slate Roofing

Natural slate has been proven to be durable and to last for many years. The slate instillation method also provides the versatility to create a wide array of design styles.

Brookfield green Ludowici T-12



Red Ludowici French

Red Ludowici T-12

Clay Roofing

There are many clay tile products and Raleigh Roofing has many resources to acquire and match these different varieties of clay tile available across the nation. Clay roof tiles are a great option for new projects or refurbishing an old roof, and they enhance the aesthetic appearance of a roof.

Brown wire scored shingle tile

Concrete Roofing

While concrete tile options are very protective for a homeowner, and provide a versatile design aspect, they may not be as valuable for marketability as the options above. Concrete tiles are usually a cheaper, more affordable tile roof option.

Raleigh Roofing & Restoration specializes in Historical Restoration and Preservation, Custom Copper and Sheet Metal, and Slate and Tile roofs. All photos within site are actual photos of our work. We hope you consider us for your next home improvement.

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