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Roofing Jobs in Denver

Raleigh Roofing and Restoration is currently seeking skilled sheet metal mechanics and historical tile and slate roofers. If you are interested in roofing jobs in the Denver area, please contact our employment office today.


Roofing Jobs Available

  • Historical Tile & Slate Roofing Specialists
  • Sheet Metal Mechanic

Historical Tile & Slate Roofing Specialists

We are seeking highly trained and professional craftsmen to repair and install historical tile and slate roofs, custom copper gutters, flashing's, and more.

Sheet Metal Mechanic

Sheet metal mechanics must be familiar with knowledge and experience with the fabrication, modification, repair, assembly, and installation of sheet metal parts, items, and assemblies.

*Applicants must be able to demonstrate experience in the following: ability to supervise; aptitude for work with roofers and craftsmen; knowledge of equipment, structure, and materials; ability to interpret instructions, specifications; layout and pattern development; ability to use hand tools and power tools for metal work; dexterity.

Please call 303-591-7041 or email raleighroofing@yahoo.com for information regarding contractor roofing jobs, permanent roofing positions, or any roofing employment inquiries.

raleigh roofing and restoration jobs in denver

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